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Human & K9 Challenge

Royal Canin proudly sponsored The Human and K9 Ultimate Challenge 5.0 on 11th November 2016 in Ras Al Khaimah.
The Humand & K9 Challenge

Congratulations again to all who took part in The Human & K9 Ultimate Challenge - UAE on November 11th 2016. Here are some photos of the event featuring some memebers of the Royal Canin UAE Team. For more event photos please check out The Human & K9 Ultimate Challenge - UAE's Facebook page! Until next time!


About the Challenge : We are proud to introduce a new sport for Humans and Dogs to the U.A.E and soon in all Middle East “Hiking with your K9 companion is a sport that stimulates your body and mind which enables you to strengthen the bond between your K9 and loved ones, with obstacles and checkpoints on the way” Said Hussain Darwish, founder and Organizing Marshal of The Human & K9 Ultimate Challenge. The challenge is a sport that meditates the body and mind. The venue and obstacles are chosen to suit all humans and K9s, whether new to hiking or professionals, all participants will enjoy the challenge. More info at

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