The brand

Royal Canin's philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Royal Canin, we live by the conviction that pets are not people; they are unique animals with unique nutritional needs that are distinctly different from our own. Through extensive research, we have identified these needs and created a complete line of premium Health Nutrition specifically formulated for cats and dogs – large or small, young or old, purebred or mixed breed. Because we know that only by feeding the best quality nutrition can we truly help pets stay as healthy and beautiful as possible.

The Animal Comes First

At Royal Canin, everything we do is for the dog and the cat. We don’t do consumer surveys or market research. Instead, our innovations are based solely on the animals' needs and scientific advances.
That’s why our kibble shape is customized for every lifestage and every lifestyle. Why we can combine vitamins and amino acids to fortify the skin’s barrier to allergens. Why we can actually improve life expectancy by improving the animal’s nutrition.
Everything we do is for the animal. And we hope you feel the same.

Focus on Health Nutrition

Royal Canin diets provide precise nutritional solutions to your pet’s needs. Each of our products is based on our extensive knowledge of cats and dogs, gained through years of studies at our own centre, partnerships with leading veterinary schools and universities, and continued input from veterinarians and breeders worldwide. We’re constantly expanding and improving on this knowledge in order to keep providing your pet with food that meets their exact dietary requirements.

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