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Royal Canin Campus in France

Veterinarian Jean Cathary founded Royal Canin in Aimargues, the South of France, in 1967. 

Dr. Cathary had the vision of a pet food company grounded in science; a company based on the principles of acquiring knowledge about pets, maintaining respect for them at all times and, most importantly, creating advanced cat and dog food made to satisfy the needs of the pet – not the desires of the pet owner.

Dr Cathary first began producing dog food in order to cure recurrent eczema in dogs; he maintained a belief that certain conditions occurred through an adverse reaction to food consumed by the animal.


The global success of this revolutionary food drives Royal Canin to progressively develop the means of high tech production, equipping itself with superb Research & Development capabilities and extending its knowledge to cat food.

The Royal Canin brand has seen spectacular growth with Health Nutrition products in the specialised distribution sector consisting of Pet specialty stores, Veterinarians and Breeders. Royal Canin now sells its foods in more than 90 countries worldwide.



1980: The 1st food formulated for Large Breed Puppies, in accordance with their accelerated growth curve and specific energy needs.
 1997: The 1st full range of diets specifically formulated to address the uniquely different needs of small, medium, large, and giant breed dogs.
 1999: The 1st breed specific diet formulated for the exclusive physiological characteristics exhibited by different breeds of cats and dogs.
 2001: The 1st diet specifically formulated for the lifestyle requirements of the indoor adult cat.
 2003: A full range of diets formulated for breeders, including the 1st and only food for mother dogs during the gestational period.
 2004: Introduction of the full range of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® therapeutic foods exclusively for the veterinary channel.
 2008: The 1st diets specifically formulated to address the special needs of four unique breeds of puppies - German shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, Labrador retriever, and Chihuahua.
 2011: A range of diets that supports the demanding nutritional requirements of mothers and puppies that delivers nutritional continuity from gestation, through lactation, weaning and during growth.

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