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Introducing Feline Breed Nutrition

Introducing Feline Breed Nutrition

What makes your breed cat so unique?


Just one glance tells you how different and unique they are. Some impress with their coat, others their stature or temperament. Each has her own characteristics which result in specific nutritional needs. Every breed has unique needs founded on observation, science and a very close partnership with a network of cat experts including breeders, royal canin research and development has created tailor-made kibbles and nutritional formulas to meet the nutritional needs of each breed.

Feline Breed Nutrition is adapted to the health sensitivities, coat needs, body type, jaw shape and eating behaviour of each breed. Because it’s only by obsessing over the unique nutritional needs of each incredible breed that we can help the breed you love become her magnificent best.


We have 7 cat breed formulas and a reason for every one.

Discover the breeds

  • Bengal


    The Little Leopard

    The breed’s origins, a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard cat, resulted in a stunning spotted, marbled or even glittery coat. More than any other breed, the Bengal epitomises the wild.

    All about Bengal
  • xxx

    Maine Coon

    The Gentle Giant

    The Maine Coon is probably one of the oldest North American breeds. The ancestors of today’s breed were first reported in the state of Maine in the 1850s. The Maine Coon’s impressive stature is combined with a truly sweet nature.

    All about Maine Coon
  • British Shorthair

    British Shorthair

    Charming Chubby-Face

    The British Shorthair cat, as the name suggests, originates from Great Britain – and if you know Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, you will recognise the smiling Cheshire Cat as the British Shorthair!

    All about British Shorthair
    British Shorthair
  • British Shorthair


    Voluptuous and Regal

    The Persian’s ancestors were appreciated in the highest spheres of the European aristocracy, and today the Persian is still by far the best-known and most celebrated cat breed worldwide! In addition to her incomparable style, the Persian is distinguished by her noble, sweet character. For this born aristocrat, serenity is the art of life!

    All about Persian
    British Shorthair
  • Siamese


    Elegant and Intelligent

    The origins of this Prince of Siam reach as far back as the 14th Century. In those days, in the legendary land of ancient Siam (now Thailand), the Siamese was regarded as a fabulous hidden treasure, guarded fiercely by the Royal family.

    All about Siamese
  • Norwegian Forest Cat

    Norwegian Forest Cat

    The Strength of the North

    Originally brought to Norway by the Vikings, the Norwegian Forest Cat’s ancestors developed their thick coats and outstanding power in order to adapt to the harsh Scandinavian climate.

    All about Norwegian Forest Cat
    Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Ragdoll


    Sweet and Relaxed

    A lovely nature, a soft silky coat and captivating intense blue eyes, all ensure the Ragdoll’s appeal! The Ragdoll breed was developed in the early 1960’s by an American breeder, and the name derives from the cat’s well-known fl oppiness like a soft cloth doll!

    All about Ragdoll
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