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Just for Ragdolls
tailor-made nutrition addressing her incredible breed characteristics


A lovely nature, a soft silky coat and captivating intense blue eyes, all ensure the Ragdoll’s appeal!

The breed's origins

The Ragdoll breed was developed in the early 1960’s by an American breeder, and the name derives from the cat’s well-known floppiness like a soft cloth doll!

Ragdolls are calm and contented with a loving, quiet and very laid back disposition. They are very social and like to be with their humans or their guests. Ragdolls are known for their tolerant attitudes with other animals and are especially good with children. They are often compared to dogs because of their friendliness and intelligence and have even been taught to play fetch.

Fun Facts!

Reveal the full shining beauty of her coat

The skin and coat refl ects the cat’s overall health, and the Ragdoll’s silky and impressively soft coat is one of her crowning glories. The coat is longest and most dense around the neck giving the appearance of a coated collar.

One of the largest cats!

The Ragdoll’s long frame, and heavy bones mean her diet must offer all the right nutrients for healthy bones and joints without excess calories. However, like other big cats, she can demand a great deal from her muscles and joints.

Look out for a big heart

This breed has a predisposition cardiac issues. Dietary management is an important part in the maintenance of a healthy heart!

Sweet and relaxed

Ragdolls characteristics

Formula Greatest Assets

Exclusive kibble shape adapted for broad jaw
Maintains healthy skin and coat
Supports healthy cardiac function
Maintains bone & joint health

Special Broad Jaw

The tailor-made kibble is designed to help the broad-jawed Ragdoll grasp the kibble easier and encourages chewing.

Ragdoll’s broad jaw

From 12 months old

IconHealthy skin & coat
Contains a combination of specific nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and nourish the coat.
IconCardiac health
Taurine, EPA and DHA to help maintain healthy cardiac function.
Icon Bone & joint health
Formulated to support healthy bones and joints. Enriched with EPA and DHA.
Icon Urinary health
Formulated with a balance of minerals to help maintain the health of an adult cat’s urinary system

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