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tailor-made nutrition addressing her incredible breed characteristics


The Siamese cat is the oldest known domestic feline. These cats were considered sacred and appeared in ancient Thai manuscripts.

The breed's origins

The origins of this Prince of Siam reach as far back as the 14th Century. In those days, in the legendary land of ancient Siam (now Thailand), the Siamese was regarded as a fabulous hidden treasure, guarded fiercely by the Royal family. The vocal felines weren’t introduced to the West until the nineteenth century, when they made their debut at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London.

The people pleaser

The Siamese is most recognizable for her elegant beauty. She is long and sleek with large, striking blue eyes. Siamese cats are also known for being intelligent and athletic, so exercise and play is a must. Teasers, cat trees and other toys will help keep the cat’s mind engaged and keep her from getting into mischief.

Siamese love and crave attention from their owners. As a result, they are very vocal and will tell you exactly what’s on their minds. Siamese cats are incredibly social and do not like being left alone for long periods of time. They want to be close to their family, so they tend to be indoor-only cats.

A work of sculpture

The Siamese is all about length: her svelte slender silhouette underlines her beauty as much as her elegance. Pure finesse and pure muscle, the Siamese must maintain her ideal weight at all times.

Digestive sensitivity to consider

Siamese breeders frequently report a digestive sensitivity in their cats.

A short and glossy coat to look after

The Siamese has a noticeably very short and sleek coat which lies close to the body

Triangular head with a long straight nose

The Siamese tends to pick up her food either with her tongue, or sometimes more surprisingly with her teeth. In addition she tends to eat very quickly which can lead to frequent regurgitations

Did you know?

An exotic beauty


Formula Greatest Assets

Exclusive kibble shape adapted to slow ingestion rate
Helps maintain long & muscular body shape
Supports digestive health
Maintains skin and coat health

Special Siamese jaw

This specially designed tube-shaped kibble is easy for the narrow and long Siamese cat muzzle to grasp. This unique kibble encourages chewing to help reduce the rate of food intake.

Siamese’s large jaw

From 12 months old

IconLean muscular body
The Siamese has an elegant and athletic silhouette. An increased level of protein* and a moderate fat level help preserve a long slender and muscular body. Enriched with L-carnitine which is important for healthy fat metabolism.
IconDigestive health
Highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics promote a balanced intestinal flora for optimal digestive health. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility
Icon Healthy glossy coat
The Siamese has a notable very short and sleek coat which lies close to the body. Contains a combination of specific nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.
Icon Special large jaw
This specially designed king size cube-shaped kibble is adapted to the large square jaw of the Siamese. The unique kibble encourages chewing to help support oral hygiene.

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