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Legal Notices

1 – Site Editor

 The present site is the property of ROYAL CANIN S.A.S., a company with capital of 31 266 547,50 Euros, registered with the Nîmes Companies Registration Office as B 700 200 983, VAT number: FR61700200983, the head office of which is located at RN 113 – 650, avenue de la Petite Camargue - 30470 AIMARGUES -

The company providing direct and permanent storage is Colt (Paris CRO B402628838): http://www.colt.net/fr/fr
Colt’s Address - 25 rue de chazelles – 75849 Paris – Cedex 17 –

The editor would like to draw the attention of visitors to this site to the following points.

2 – Site Users

 Users of the web site acknowledge that they have the skills and necessary means to access and use this site.
Users of the web site "www.royalcanin.ae" acknowledge that they have checked that the computer system used does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order.
 Users also acknowledge that they have read the present legal notice and promise to respect it.

3 – Accessible Information and Services

 The particular objective of the web site "www.royalcanin.ae" is to place information and services at the disposal of the general public.
 Part of the editorial content and services offered on "www.royalcanin.ae" may come from external service providers and be accessible either directly from the site or through hypertext links to such sites. Users acknowledge that the information and content appearing on the sites accessible through hyperlinks are the exclusive responsibility of the people in charge of those sites.

4 – Use of Information

The editor cannot guarantee to the user that the information provided contains no errors or omissions.

It is the exclusive responsibility of the user to utilise the information available on "www.royalcanin.ae" wisely.
 Consequently, "Royal Canin" recommends that you check the information taken from its site prior to any decision making.

5 – Content

 All the data (texts, sounds and images) appearing on the pages of the site "www.royalcanin.ae" are the exclusive property of "Royal Canin" and its service providers.

Any reproduction, representation or distribution of the content of the site "www.royalcanin.ae", for purposes other than personal, in whole or in part, on whatsoever medium or by any process, is forbidden.

Failure to respect this ban constitutes an infringement likely to involve the civil liability and criminal responsibility of the counterfeiter

6 – The “Royal Canin” name and logo

 It is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the names "Royal Canin" and "www.royalcanin.ae", or the "Royal Canin" logo or any other logo, alone or in combination, in whatsoever capacity, without the prior written agreement of "Royal Canin".
The name and logos are registered as trademarks with the Patent Office.

7 – Hypertext Links

 Any creation of a hypertext link to "www.royalcanin.ae" is forbidden save with the prior written agreement of the latter.
The existence of a hypertext link from "www.royalcanin.ae" to another site does not constitute a validation of that site or of its content.

 "Royal Canin" cannot accept responsibility with respect to the information, opinions and recommendations expressed by these third parties.

Furthermore, "www.royalcanin.ae" may have been linked without its knowledge to other sites through hypertext links.
"Royal Canin" does not authorise this type of link and declines all responsibility for the information presented on these other sites, their content and their relationship to "Royal Canin".
 "Royal Canin" cannot be held responsible for lawsuits which might arise between a partner and a user.

The partners consulted are alone responsible for observing the body of regulations that apply in the context of the services offered to end users/clients, and notably, the laws and regulations relative to distance selling, consumer protection, false or deceptive advertising, prices, and product compliance.

8 – Data Protection

 The site "www.royalcanin.ae" is registered with the National Information Technology and Rights Commission [the National Data Protection Authority] (CNIL – France). In accordance with law n° 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978, users are informed that data of a personal nature concerning them may be processed for commercial and administrative management purposes. This information is intended for "Royal Canin", as the processing manager, as well as any company of the group to which "Royal Canin" belongs and/or contractual and/or commercial partners.

Requests for information preceded by the character (*) are of a compulsory nature; should this information not be provided, user expectations cannot be satisfied.

Users have, according to the circumstances, the right to access this information, the right to oppose the use of this information for a legitimate reason or to oppose commercial canvassing, and may request correction, addition, updating, locking and removal of inaccurate or incomplete information by writing to Royal Canin S.A.S., 650 avenue de la Petite Camargue, 30470 Aimargues.

9 - Cookies

Users are informed that, when they access the site "www.royalcanin.ae", no cookie stores information temporarily in the memory or on their hard disk while they are browsing on the site, except for particulars specific to other services offered.

Users acknowledge that they have been informed that "Royal Canin" may temporarily store cookies on the user’s hard disk in the context of a visit to the site.

A cookie is a data block that does not permit users to be identified but serves to record information relative to users’ browsing on the site.

The user can refuse cookies as per the procedure described at the following address: http://www.cnil.fr.

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