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Same nutrition, different texture

The benefits of wet food

Give your cat the opportunity to combine all the benefits of health nutrition in dry & wet!

Our wet nutritional answers are based on a unique philosophy, to satisfy your cat’s needs and preferences!

The Macro Nutritional Profile is a new nutritional dimension found in our Instinctive foods, providing the optimal balance between proteins, fats and glucides which ensures long term palatability.

Beneficits nutritional with Royal Canin

Respect cat's instinctive food preferences

Answer to all cat’s individual preferences with 2 different textures: chunks in gravy and a jelly texture for healthy adult cats.

Jelly Gravy image

  • 1
    Nutrients approach
  • 2
    Raw material quality
    • Very precise specifications for raw materials:
    • - Reduced variability of the nutritional profile
    • - No mix of different meat sources
    • - Limited number of suppliers
    • - Strict nutritional controls
  • 3
    High digestibility
    • Outstanding digestibility:
    • - 90% protein digestibility
  • 4
    Stability & precision
    • Less variability in the nutritional profile:
    • - No risk of being below minimal requirements


Mixing wet and dry food promotes optimal health for your cat.

mix royal canin® dry + royal canin® wet
for 100% health nutrition
different texture same nutrition

Mix-feeding is a mix of dry and wet food – mix-feeding can have a positive effect on your cat’s health*. Many cats are used to a mixed diet of wet and dry food from birth and prefer this combination their whole lives. However, like dry food, not all wet diets are created equal.

royal canin® recommends mixing
wet and dry food daily for optimal
health benefits for your cat

Dry food controls tartar levels on your cat’s teeth and helps maintain healthy gums and oral health.
Wet food boosts your cat’s appetite with it’s appealing aromas and helps keep your cat hydrated which also helps support the kidneys and urinary tract health.

*Source: Cameron KM, Morris PJ, Hackett RM et JR Speakman (2011): The effects of increasing water content to reduce the energy density of the diet on body mass changes following caloric restriction in domestic cats. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 95: 399–408.


  1. 1
    Find the suitable Royal Canin range*
  2. 2
    Dry for breakfast, wet for dinner
  3. 3
    Do not mix in the same bowl
  4. 4
    Respect the portion size**
  5. 5
    Always have fresh water available

*Refer to the product association table on the website
** Refer to feeding instructions on the packaging

Mix-feeding examples

Wet or dry, the nutritional benefits are the same

A complete range* of wet and dry for your cat to ensure 100% nutrition at every meal.

Gaston, male, 6 months, kitten,

weight 2 kg


Supports kitten’s growth and immature digestive system.

Ideal combination

Kitten (dry) + Kitten Jelly or Gravy (wet)

Feeding instructions

Iris, Female, 6 years old, British Shorthair,

weight 4 kg


Begs for food, prone to weight gain and overeating after being sterilised

Ideal combination

Regular Sterilised Adult (dry)+
Sterilised Jelly (wet)

Feeding instructions

Merlo, male, 3 years old, European Shorthair,

weight 5 kg


Swallows his food quickly, vomits often and makes frequent trips to the litter box.

Ideal combination

Digestive Care (dry) +
Digestive Care with Sauce (wet)

Feeding instructions

Luna, Female, 6 years old, British Shorthair,

lives mostly indoors.


Wide jaw and stubby morphology, heavy and muscular body.

Ideal combination

British Shorthair (dry) +
British Shorthair with Sauce (wet)

Feeding instructions

The veterinary diet range

Royal Canin Veterinary Diets in dry and wet for cats offers a nutritional solution to help manage certain health conditions such as urinary problems, kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Mixing wet and dry can have a positive effect on your cat’s health.

Mixing non-royal canin wet foods with royal canin dry foods dilutes the benefits of our dry solutions

The Royal Canin nutrient-based approach secures nutritional stability

We use fish oil as a source of EPA/DHA instead of fish by-products. The concentration of EPA and DHA is consistent within the fish oil throughout the year, ensuring a stable concentration of EPA/DHA in the final diet.
Large variations in the amount of EPA and DHA in the fish by-products, regarding the seasons.

Nutrient Graphic

Mixing Royal Canin wet and dry secures nutritional precision

The Royal Canin wet and dry diets are formulated to work together in combination so that each diet is complete on its own, but can also be used to mix feed without altering the nutritional profile of the meal. When you mix Royal Canin RENAL wet and dry diets, it helps maintain the lowest phosphorus level.

As opposed to feeding a complete basic adult wet food from a supermarket, which wipes out the benefits of feeding our Renal dry diet.

Mixin Graphic

Misty, Female, 3 years old


Obese cat, weight maintenance following weight loss.
Diabetes mellitus (type II).

Ideal combination

Satiety (dry) + Satiety (wet)

Feeding instructions at start


Tigger, Male, 8 years old


Obese and sluggish cat that has trouble moving around. Reduced quality of life and at high risk of diabetes and stressed joints.

Ideal combination

Obesity (dry) +
Obesity (wet)

Feeding instructions


Tino, Male, 8 years old


Acute and chronic diarrhoea
Maldigestion and malabsorption inflammatory bowel disease

Ideal combination

Gastro intestinal (dry) +
Gastro intestinal (wet)

Feeding instructions


Tania, Female, 6 years old


Dissolution of struvite uroliths Management of recurrent struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis using a single diet.

Ideal combination

Urinary SO (dry) +
Urinary chicken or beef (wet)

Feeding instructions

Urinary care with Royal Canin

Veterinary diets must be prescribed by your veterinarian.

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