Living with your puppy

Royal Canin - Living with your puppy

How to choose your puppy

Owning a dog is a very big and long term commitment, and you must give it a lot of thought. On average a dog lives more than ten years. Therefore, it is important to choose a dog whose requirements will be suited to your own lifestyle.

Which breed to choose?

The German Shepherd Dog appears to be obedient, the Labrador affectionate with children, the Greyhound independent... However, no dog can be classified so categorically. In fact, a breed should be chosen according to your lifestyle and family situation, and also considering his weight and size. Choosing a Yorkshire Terrier as a guard dog seems just as inappropriate as keeping Mastiff or a Great Dane all day long in a small apartment. As a general rule, a small breed dog will require less space than a medium-sized or  large breed dog. Whatever the breed chosen, dogs require huge amount of attention and interaction with you, the owner, every day. You should get information from your vet and breed clubs to ensure you make an informed choice. Dog shows are ideal places to discover the full diversity of canine breeds and talk with breed professionals.

Male or female?

Females are generally smaller than males, and this may influence your choice. The main inconvenience of females comes from the heat periods twice a year if she remains un-neutered. This can attract a lot of unwanted attention from local entire male dogs.

Where to get a dog?

It is advisable to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder, who is happy to have you visit their premises and meet the dogs. This enables you to see the puppies’ mother, the living conditions of the animals, and to have the opportunity to talk with the breeder. The breeder will also be keen to find out if they feel you and your lifestyle are suitable for one of their puppies. A list of breeding kennels may be supplied by canine associations, veterinarians and breed clubs.


The diversity of canine breeds

A symbol of devotion and loyalty, the dog embodies the pet par excellence. So much more than a pet whose appeasing and securing presence is coupled with a completely unselfish attachment, the dog assists man in a great variety of circumstances. With nearly 400 breeds, no other domestic animal shows such diversity.

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